If You Think PAC/GAC Amendments are like Sending Flowers to Your Site - Rethink the Romance

Michael Scalzi, President, IET

Date and Time: Thu, Oct 17, 2019 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

Presenter:  Michael Scalzi, President, Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc.

Michael Scalzi is President, a romantic and founded Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc. (IET) in 1998. Mr. Scalzi has participated in the design and implementation of over 1500 in-situ remediation programs across the United States. Mr. Scalzi holds a Masters Degree in Biology from the State University of New York, he is the primary author of 13 current United States Patents and 5 pending United States Patents.Mr. Scalzi has authored numerous papers and has presented at dozens of symposiums since 1994.


There has been a disturbing trend in the environmental remediation industry that few, if any consulting engineering firms, experts or academics are addressing. More specifically, as an industry, rather than question the validity of claims made by “non-destructive” technologies, the environmental remediation industry has blindly accepted these products. Specifically, more and more consulting engineers are utilizing products GAC and PAC based products, without regard to physical chemistry and the nature of Activated Carbon (AC). Without exception, any AC based product relies on adsorption and absorption. It is important to understand both processes and the differences between them when applying these products.

The major difference between adsorption and absorption is that one is a surface process and the other a bulk process.

Adsorption — takes place on the surface of a substrate.

Absorption — one substance enters the bulk, or volume, of another substance (e.g., a liquid absorbed by a solid).

  1. The ramifications of adsorption on AC and how the microenvironments within the AC and surrounding the AC effect the geochemistry and the biochemistry within these environments will be discussed.
  2. A discussion of how the methods employed to manufacture and regenerate the AC directly effects the geochemistry and the biochemistry considerations before applying these technologies.
  3. Considerations to be evaluated before recommending and/or applying these technologies.

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